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Find purpose in

your life story

A book on how pain and joy fit together and how you can experience hope and healing

When life’s trials don’t line up with what you expected for your journey, it can feel like a puzzle whose pieces don’t line up. You may feel

It doesn’t have to be this way! 

There is always hope and healing as you begin to see how each of those difficult puzzle pieces of life begin to fit together to reveal a bigger purpose and story.

About Judy

Singer, speaker, and author 

When Judy first processed the painful moments in her life, they felt like disjointed puzzle pieces from a jigsaw puzzle. But as she’s seen how God has fit each piece together, she has started seeing the bigger picture. 

As someone who has healed from sexual trauma and the death of close family members, Judy is no stranger to pain. By using her talent in singing and writing, she is passionate about helping others find similar healing. 

She believes all the puzzle pieces of your life’s experiences – both the painful and joyful ones – start to fit together over time. It may never feel like a completed puzzle, but there is hope available to all!

Ready to feel whole and purpose-filled?

Read the book

Judy’s relatable stories will help you identify how the pieces of your story are connected. 

Listen to the music

Judy’s collection of hymns and praise songs will comfort you during the painful moments of your story.

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If your church or conference is hosting a time to process their hardship, Judy would love to come and speak to your group.

Your life has a plan and purpose.

It may not feel that way now, but as you see how the pieces of your life fit together, you’ll begin to feel whole again.

Through the vulnerable stories in “A Perfect Fit,” you’ll be reminded that:

Things will get better

Your story can make sense

You are never alone

Healing is available to you

God has not abandoned you

You can feel hopeful again

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